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The CoMass Spotlight Performance Program

Nurse at computer“A flight simulator for face-to-face interactions”

The Spotlight Performance application—a leading-edge training tool—is a role-playing simulator and coaching platform.

CoMass Spotlight Performance program was developed to specifically reinforce the company’s instructional communications model.  These simulations provide practice opportunities and test knowledge.

In addition, integrating Spotlight Performance into an organization’s annual review process helps meet safety training requirements for obtaining industry accreditation or highly-regarded designations such as Magnet
or Pathway to Excellence.

Benefits of Spotlight Performance include:

  • Customized scenarios re-enact the types of interactions employees will  face on the job 
  • Cement learning through hands-on exercises
  • Enable Trainees to gain repetitions and learn to employ skills through private practice sessions
  • Administer before and after tests to gauge progress
  • Embed on-the-spot guidance such as coaching clips, model answers, and text content
  • Trainers go on-line to review student videos and provide virtual coaching

Telling them is not enough! Participants learn by doing. Through hands-on repetition and guided practice we can ensure they grasp the content.