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About Us

CoMass Group LLC is an Atlanta-based training and consulting firm that provides solutions for a healthy workplace by addressing issues of incivility and disruptive behaviors within Healthcare.  Combining extensive communication and conflict management training with in-depth understanding of the role of psychology, sociology and culture in creating trusting relationships, we offer programs designed to foster an environment of mutual respect and professionalism across an organizations.

Like our clients, we believe that a culture of safety is critical to successful outcomes. Incidents of uncivil behavior such as rudeness, bickering, sabotage, backstabbing and bullying,  threaten staff safety and satisfaction, an organization’s financial results, and most importantly, patient care.

Claiming Civility Workshops, the company’s interactive training sessions, provide a safe learning environment for understanding the impact and costs of incivility in the workplace. Using a field-tested communication model designed to identify and address uncivil actions, CoMass Group’s comprehensive approach of training across an organization –executives, managers and healthcare professionals –provides the cultural foundation needed for successful outcomes for all.

CoMass Group’s services also include video simulation for practice and testing, assessment surveys, individual counseling and coaching, organizational conflict management systems design, and consultation for integrating civility programs into strategic initiatives.

Deborah L. Cox

Deborah Cox, CoMassGroup LLCDeborah Cox is co-founder and principal of CoMass Group LLC. For more than 20 years, Deborah has been helping technology companies develop and leverage trusted relationships with key stakeholders, including the investment community, research firms and business and trade media. She has held global positions with both emerging-growth and established enterprise software vendors where she developed cross-functional business processes and trained executives and staff to recognize and leverage the power of market influencers.

To further advance her understanding of relationships and inter-personal communications, in 2011 Deborah completed an M.S. in Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University. Her fieldwork and research focused on workplace conflict, both the underlying causes of internal and external conflicts as well as processes to manage and mitigate the negative impact of disruptive behaviors.

Deborah holds a chemistry degree from the College of Charleston, a certificate of Medical Technology (ASCP) from the Medical University of South Carolina and worked in both research and clinical chemistry for seven years early in her career. She subsequently completed an M.B.A. and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst certification. Deborah is a founding member of TAG FinTech, an industry association supporting the large financial technology community in Georgia. Deborah continues to serve as secretary of the organization.

Dianne M. Jacobs

Dianne M. Jacobs, CoMassGroup LLCDianne Jacobs is co-founder and principal of CoMass Group LLC. She has worked in the healthcare field for almost 40 years. Dianne received her BSN from the Medical University of South Carolina and an MSN as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing from the University of Kentucky. Throughout her career, she has worked in mental health, women’s health, nursing education, and continuing education.

While at Upstate Area Health Education Center (AHEC) – a part of the S.C. AHEC system – Dianne co-authored two HRSA-NEPR grants – serving as Program Coordinator for addressing cultural competency in nursing care of the Hispanic patient and Project Director for addressing lateral violence among nurses. Over 7,000 nurses were trained under these grants.

A three time cancer survivor and a nurse, Dianne has a unique perspective of the healing environment and how behavior impacts healing, as well as the culture of safety for any healthcare organization.